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An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America

We thank the kids, and their teachers,
at the Red Lake Elementary School in Minnesota
for the wonderful work they have shared with us.

St Croix Autumn

The First Graders worked together to write this.


Autumn begins in September.

The Ojibwe Word for fall is Dagwaagin.

Many birds fly south.

The Ojibwe Word for south is Zhaawanong.

In the fall we rake leaves,

play football, go trick or treating,

eat turkey, wild rice,

and carve pumpkins.

Third Grade Student Alex tells us about the Ojibwe Clans

The Clans by Alex

The Red Lake Clan System

by Alex


Mr. Eklund's Third Grade Class


The Kingfisher eats worms and fish.

They live in North America.

Pine Marten

The Pine Marten Clan.

This is the warriors clan.

Martens are about two feet long.

They eat mice and squirrels.

They live in hollow trees.


The Eagle Clan

They have courage and spiritual knowledge.

Eagles make their nests high up in trees.

The female eagle is the largest.

They eat fish.


The Mink Clan

The mink is about 14 to 25 inches long.

They eat frogs, fish, mice and small birds.

Minks live in North America.


The Bullhead Clan (fish)

This clan has the teachers

This fish lives in lakes and rivers.

This fish eats worms, minnows and plants.


The Turtle Clan

Turtles have a hard shell on their back.

They lay their eggs in the sand.

They sleep under the frozen water.


Bear Clan

They are the enforcers and know about medicine.

Bear facts: They eat fish, bugs, honey and berries.


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