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Hopis Make A Trek Across Reservation Lines To Greet Bearsun
by Romalita Laban, Managing Editor, Hopi Tutuveni
Hopi Tribal members, who trekked across Hopi reservaton lines on Monday, August 2, 2021, are shown visitng Bearsun at the Dilcon Community School, located on the Navajo reservaton (Picture by Romalita Laban/Hopi Tutuveni)
Bearsun Instagram profle picture with supporters CrownPoint NM. (Picture by Bearsun copyright)

Kykotsmovi, Ariz. – August 13, 2021 marks Day 40 on Bearsun’s journey from Los Angeles to New York to raise awareness about mental health, autism, cancer and environmental defense and the disable community and as of today he is in Cuba, NM.

If you are not an avid user of social media such as Facebook, Instagram or TicTok, this may be the frst time you are seeing any news about Bearsun and wonder just what all the to-do is about. On the other hand if you are an avid user of social media you may have noticed all the pictures of so many who are positing to their profles including many Native people, as well as our own Hopi people.

According to, “Bearsun, who is portrayed by Jesse Larios, began his cross-country journey in Los Angeles, California, in early July. He is walking to New York City, New York, to raise money for mental health, autism, cancer, environmental defense and the disabled community.” And in an interview with Ada Wood, CNN who wrote “Meet Bearsun, the real-life teddy bear on a journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco” updated April 15th and referenced “The birth of Bearsun” in the following manner; “Bearsun was born in 2016 when Larios created him with the help of a friend. His colors were inspired by Larios' dog, Bear, an Alaskan Malamute. For his "bean" head shape, Larios wanted to give him something unique and goofy, like the distinct football-shaped head of the main character of his favorite cartoon, "Hey Arnold!" the reference goes on, “ the design speaks to Bearsun's character, too. While Larios is the talker, Bearsun is the listener, he said, which is why he was designed without a visible mouth on his face…"Bearsun is very open-minded ... he's more action than words," Larios explained.

The cross-country journey was mapped out according to Bearsun himself on his own videos uploaded to Facebook to follow, for the most part Route 66. To avoid dangerous traffc, this led him through some parts of Native country, including the Hualapai and Navajo reservations.

Although Bearsun did not have the Hopi reservation included as a place to journey through, Hopi people living on the Hopi reservation and in nearby border towns such as Winslow and Flagstaff made an effort to cross city, town, and county and reservation lines to meet Bearsun. Some Hopi individuals posted pictures to their Facebook profles and expressed kind and supportive words of encouragement to Bearsun while on his journey and for bringing awareness to the issues many Hopi people also face such as efforts towards sustaining good mental health, supporting those in their family who face autism daily, cancer of all types, and work to support and include our disabled community.

Some Hopi people may have also felt a sense of connectedness to Bearsun and his efforts toward environment defense, too. It may also be a refection of our innate responsibility and commitment to be stewards of this land, which connects some Hopi with Bearsun’s efforts.

To describe that in other terms, according to a recent publication of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Offce titled “Becoming Hopi Magazine” it describes Hopi perspectives on history and how our Hopi ancestors “engaged in a spiritual pact with the Earth Guardian, Màasaw, who instructed them to care for and cultivate the land as they searched for their ultimate destiny at Tuuwanasavi (Earth’s Center Place) on the Hopi Mesas” which is just a half-hour drive north of one community located on the Navajo reservation, where Bearsun visited and rested overnight.

Or perhaps, Hopi folks just wanted to see Bearsun in person because he is just so adorable and they found it to be a fun adventure to hunt for and fnd out where exactly Bearsun was. And then having evidence of their fnd in picture form which they chose to share on social media like all others who share on such platforms.

As of today $6,543, of the $15,000 goal has been raised according to the webpage donation block titled “The Walk From LA-NYC for Cancer” and in addition to having an option to donate, webpage visitors can also purchase merchandise and products such as a stuffed Bearsun, Bearsun Republic Flag, a Bearsun artistic prints titled “Better Days” and “Walking Dead” as well as beanies, various types of t-shirts and a pullover.

Stories such as these Bearsun has shared are proof that when one sets out on a journey of goodness, others will surely come to support even if only to say hello and visit for a bit. In a sense this Managing Editor sees similarities with what our ancestors once did on their migration towards Tuuwanasavi. We at Hopi Tutuveni wish Bearsun continued wellness as he continues his journey towards bringing awareness to his chosen causes.

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