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Kids are funky, chirpy and joy to-be-with, anytime. Send your friends/ cousins/ siblings & all the li'l ones close to your heart, a cute, funny, animated & free greeting card that'll make them feel x-tra special !
Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. ALL cards are absolutely FREE !!!

365 Halloween: Halloween Recipes with Pictures
"Halloween food is largely about the visual appeal, that's why all of our recipes come with pictures. Every spooky, gross, creepy, and healthy recipe has been tested and given thumbs up by our panel of ravenous ghouls (a.k.a. hungry friends and family)… so you know it will be good." Web developers Lauren and Sean share their passion for Halloween with this fun site. Visit to snag recipes for stuffed intestines, bleedy cake, spooky slaw, and spicy bruised bugs.

Best Paper Airplane
During the summer of 1950, eight-year-old Michael O'Reilly watched in amazement as his sister's boyfriend made the best paper airplane in the whole world. "When he started folding the paper, I knew this was something different, something special. He never explained how he did it but every move, every fold, every detail was burned into my memory." Today, Michael shares the secrets of the DC-3 paper airplane: how to build it and how to fly it.

Bethany Roberts: Friendship Poems by Kids
"Today as Valentines go out / To people near and far / This one I'm sending right to you / To say how nice you are." Children's book author Bethany Roberts has a huge Valentine's Day section which includes poems illustrated with animated graphics, stories, songs and links. Just scroll about half way down this page for the Valentine Poem pages with names like " Valentine Poems," "More Valentine Poems," and (yup) "And More Valentine Poems!" Unfortunately many of the offsite links have gone bad.

Britta: Halloween Recipes
Britta ("Webmistress of the Dark") reveals recipes for dozens of her Halloween specialities, along with a photo archive of her annual Halloween shindigs. "You can see in the photos that over the years of being a Halloween Hostess, I have not only created more recipes, but also added spooky signs describing what my eerie edibles are, which I think add to the fun. How else would anyone know they were eating scabs, not just dried cranberries? ;)"

Brownielocks: Silly Valentine Poems for Kids
Brownielocks presents a compilation of poems (attributed to a variety of authors) and a collection of original valentine rhymes written by Brownielocks herself. "Popsicles are cold / Cocoa is hot / I'm sending you this incognito / because I like you a lot." I got a big chuckle out of these rhymes, which Brownielocks calls "silly, corny, dumb." She also calls them limericks, but because they do not have an a-a-b-b-a rhyming pattern, they are not.

Building a Simple Bead Loom
In this class we'll be making a frame loom. It's simple, compact, and lightweight, and you won't believe how easy and affordable it is to build. The one I made for illustration purposes here took 30 minutes to put together, and cost under $10 using all new materials. It will accommodate a project up to 10" wide and 6" tall.

Children's Crafts and Ideas - Ages 2 to 4
Children's Crafts and Ideas - Ages 5 to 8
Children's Crafts and Ideas - Ages 9 to 12
We strive to become the largest known free craft site in the nation. With all of your help, we will achieve that goal as well as remaining totally free. We believe there are allot of talented people out there that may just be very excited about sharing their knowledge with others as well.

Cool Kids Gif Animation Art Gallery
The Exhibitors of the Kids' Cool Animation Gallery were given the Award of Elegance by Picture Perfect Studio for their artistic merit. See animations done by kids just like you!

Crayola Coloring Book

DLTK's Printable Crafts For Kids
DLTK's Crafts for Kids features a variety of fun children's crafts, coloring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters.

Elvis Impersonators?
We've grafted "The King's" hair on a few famous people. Does the hair make it more difficult to recognize them? Click on each face to unmask the celebrity.

Encouragement Cards
Each one of us go through difficult times in life. The road may be very long and rough... but it becomes shorter & easier to tread upon, when we have the love & support of good friends. So reach out to your friend/ loved one who's goin' through tough times & encourage 'em with these these warm, cute & free greeting cards !

Family Fun: Halloween Recipes
Family Fun divides their Halloween recipes into snacks, cakes, party food, meals and treats. But I'm not sure why some recipes are in one category, and not the other, so if you are looking for something specific, you'd best scan the entire list. If you sign up for a free Family Fun membership, you'll get access to a personal recipe box, where you can save your favorite recipes, and a printable shopping list (I love this feature!)

Hands on Crafts for Kids
Welcome to Hands on Crafts for Kids, the home of fun & creative craft projects for kids 7-12

Happy Halloween from Ben & Jerry's
Ben and Jerry's have pages of fun activities for you to enjoy.

Looking for a new project? You've come to the right place! We've got a wealth of ideas for craft lovers of every stripe and skill level. So pick a project that appeals to you and Discover Life's Little Pleasures.

Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplane
Joseph Palmer's planes are "designed to fly," not look like real airplanes. As a paper airplane purist, none of his designs require cutting, taping or weights: just a single sheet of 8.5" by 11' paper and your fingers. There are only four designs here, but the illustrated instructions are excellent, and judging by visitor feedback, all of them are great flyers.

Love Poems: Valentine Poems
"Celebrate St Valentines Day with Shakespeare, Keats, Shelley and Lord Byron love poems. What can be more romantic than a Valentine poem or message using the words of a great poet?" Although most are probably too sophisticated for elementary students, these classic love poems will make great Valentine's Day reading in high school English class or to spark a conversation around the dinner table at home. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate." William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18.

PageWorks, Kitty's original image animation
A great site with lots to do and see

Poem Source: Kid Valentine Poems
Not just another compilation site, Joanna and Karl Fuchs share their original poetry with us at Some of these poems are for kids to give to family members (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) and others are for giving to kids. "Valentine I see you / A lot when we're at school / And every time I see you / I think you're very cool." The Fuchs generously allow personal use of any of their poems, but do ask for attribution that includes their URL. For more of the Fuchs' Valentine's Day rhymes, follow the link to the main valentine page near the bottom of this kid-specific page.

Welcome to All- Mousepad Fun n' Games!!
Hi! I'm vikimouse and this is my little hole on the web! If you're new to the MousePad...Pleased to meet'cha!! And if you're a return guest--Glad to see ya again!!

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Cooking and Food

25 Tips for Better Brown Bags
We've collected a file of tips to make brown bag lunches more exciting, safer and more convenient.

All Recipes: Kids
With 1250 recipes, the kid section of All Recipes is huge. The layout is busy, but packed with features such as nutrition details, recipe scaling, recipe emailing, and printing in a variety of formats including 3"x5" and 4"x6" cards. If you sign up for a free membership, you'll be able to store your favorites in a personal recipe box. And to integrate writing into the kitchen experience, members can submit recipe reviews. For the very easiest recipes and articles about cooking with kids, look in Kids as Chefs.

Back-to-School Lunchbox Goodies
Although good ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are actually a nutritious lunch choice, many kids tire of the same thing day after day. Let's take a look at how to liven up those school lunchboxes, so they don't end up in the trashcan!

Celebrating Christmas: Gingerbread House 101
"From very simple designs for busy moms and dads to challenging art projects for those artists among us, we've got it all. ... Let the decorating begin!!!" Celebrating Christmas offers a potpourri of gingerbread house advice, from how to plan a gingerbread party to recipes for gingerbread tree ornaments. Highlights are six gingerbread house blueprints (including a log cabin, chapel, country store and Victorian) although you will need to enlarge the patterns before using them

Cooking With Kids
Welcome to Cooking with Kids!
We hope we you will enjoy it and come back often!

Easy Kid Recipes
"Mom chef" Clarissa shares her dual passions of kids and food with this easy-to-navigate recipe collection. In addition to the expected (such as sections devoted to Breakfast and Easy Lunches), Clarissa has four recipes for pet treats, and ten for play dough. Other great clicks are her free monthly newsletter, articles (especially the one on homemade baby food) and popsicle recipes. Homemade popsicles are a perennial favorite at our house. Like most homemade items, they are both healthier and cheaper than store bought.

Flickr: The Gingerbread House Showcase Pool
I'm trying really hard not to say "a picture is worth a thousand words," but if you are fishing for gingerbread inspiration, what better way to find it than at this collection of more than 600 gingerbread house photos? To find specific kinds of houses, you can search within the pool with the search function in the upper right-hand corner. You can find more gingerbread pix by following tags such as "gingerbread" or "gingerbreadhouse."

Halloween Treats
Here are some Halloween recipes to help make your holiday a fun and tasty one!

Highlights Kids: Design Your Own Gingerbread House
To add a little computer fun to today's topic, this pick is an online game. Decorate your virtual gingerbread house with the usual Candy and Icing, or go crazy with silly Food and Stuff such as a whole fish, a tennis ball, or alphabet blocks to spell out your name. Move items onto the house by clicking once to pick up, then again to release onto your house. Controls include Rotate, Resize, Flip, Start Over, and Print (so you can hang your finished creation on the refrigerator door.)

The History of Eating Utensils
Presented by the California Academy of Sciences, this online history of eating utensils is both stimulating and educational, with brief presentations on individual utensils and their evolution, as well as images of specimens from various cultures and periods. Learn, among other things, what Louis the XIV had to fear from the knife and what he did about it, and how it changed the shape of that instrument forever. Equally worth considering, chopsticks have also evolved over the course of five millennia. Called "kuai-zi" in Chinese, for quick little fellows, chopsticks were first joined together and only gradually came to be separated and made of less and less precious materials. Learn all about them and the rest of the instruments used by humans to eat gracefully in this brief online history. Better yet, if you are fortunate enough to be in the Bay area, visit the exhibit in person at the California Academy of Sciences.

Honey Magic for Kids
You can make a shake, you can make a snack.
Just start with honey and you can make magic!

Lunch Box Recipes for Kids (or Adults!)
A healthy approach for the lunch bunch: Mix a lean protein with whole grains and fresh garden goods, then add a sensible treat.

Just Kid Recipes
With headings like Gross, Fun, and Frozen Treats, kids are sure to find many recipes to delight them among the 410 at Just Kid Recipes. For example, berry blue Jello with suspended gummy fish is called a Jello Aquarium. Think of how cute this will look in individual clear plastic cups at a birthday party! Each recipe page has a link to a printable version (sans ads and menu items) at the bottom.

Kids in the Kitchen
Kids around the world submit their favorite recipes for the yummiest, messiest food.

Kid's Recipes
Your home for great kid friendly recipes, meal ideas and cooking advice.

Kid's Recipes from Kikkoman
Have fun in the kitchen with these simple and tasty recipes. Won't the family be surprised? But don't forget to clean up!

Sack Lunch Savvy
I met my daughter at her school one Friday and had the experience of eating with several of her friends. If you get a chance, you should do the same. I learned many interesting things.

Snacks for Kids
Here are some very simple treats you can pack for your next hike, whether it's around the block or up and over the closest hill.

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