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20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes
For over 15 years the Big Wind Kite Factory has been giving kite making classes for the children on the island of Moloka'i in Hawai'i. These are the complete time tested instructions to get 20 kids making their own kites and flying them in 20 minutes.

ABC Ya! Kindergarten Fun
For something a little different, ABC Ya! brings us interactive dot-to-dot games played online. The games have audio instructions ("Connect the dots to make a picture") to make it super easy for preschoolers and kindergartners to use. There are six connect-the-dot games on this kindergarten page, but they are not grouped together, so be sure not to miss the ABC Order game or Numbers 1 to 50 game. For a Numbers 2 to 100 game not included on the kindergarten page, return to the home page, and then click on First Grade Games.

A Guide to Safety for Young Athletes
Every day, millions of youths in the United States and Canada participate in sports activities, from soccer fields and snow-covered slopes to baseball diamonds and ice rinks. Sports activities are more than play. Participation in athletics improves physical fitness, coordination, and self-discipline, and gives children valuable opportunities to learn teamwork. Sports activities can also result in injuries. Some of these injuries are minor and some are serious. Still others result in lifelong medical problems.

A to Z - Ice Hockey
Developed by the UK-based "Ice Hockey Annual", this huge compendium of ice hockey information (over 14,000 entries) is all the more notable for its international scope. No NHL-centricity here. In fact, the only Americans and Canadians in the site's Hall of Fame are in the International Ice Hockey Federation section. A constant work-in-progress, this site is a seemingly bottomless well of hockey trivia and lore. Need to know the Attendance Averages for Finnish Division 1 hockey? The winner of the 1997 Croation hockey championship? What the "A" on players' jerseys means? Its all here and much, much more.

Allen's Guide
Allen's Guide is divided into ten primary categories, including the usual Day Camps, Residential Camps, and Teen Camps. But they also include Special Needs Programs, Religious Camps, European Camps, and Self Improvement Camps that you might not find listed elsewhere. Special teen-only sections include Hostels, Study Abroad, Student Travel and Summer Jobs.

Camp Recipes was created in 2000 as a place for people to share recipes with others interested in outdoor cooking.
A few of the unique categories at are Fantasy Summer Camps (such as baseball and rock ‘n roll), Veterinary Science Camps, and Modeling Camps. Their listings can be browsed via category, by use of the drop-down state menu, or from their search form. From their Camp Talk collection of articles, come these words of advice. "Camp should be a refreshing change of pace, surroundings, and atmosphere, providing a wholesome escape from the pressures of school and the distractions of the urban environment. It should not be hectic!"

Camping Tips for Parents
When I was a kid, camping preparations in my family meant throwing a few blankets and pillows into the back of the van. Sometimes we threw in a change of clothes. Then we were off into "the wild blue yonder." Though exciting, our camping trips were very difficult at times (especially in bad weather). But your family camp outs needn't be so difficult. Camping can be fun as well as exciting if you prepare properly. Here are a few camping tips from a veteran camper to start you on your way.

Crime Prevention for Kids
There are lots of things kids and parents can do to make sure they're aware of their safety and prevent crime from happening. By understanding how to stay safe at home, at school, and even online, kids can be better armed against potential criminals. Whether you are playing in the neighborhood, sitting in the comfort of your own home, or attending school, following some important safety tips can mean the difference between a normal day and a scary one. Dangers do not always occur in the form of crime, however. Fires, natural disasters, and even bullying from other classmates are also some things that kids should be aware of and know how to combat.

Dave's Yo-Yo World
You might have only succeeded in bonking yourself over the head, but you've probably tried a yo-yo at some point. This site is devoted to the history and future of that simple-yet-hard-to-master toy.

Dot to Dot Puzzles
Dot to Dot Puzzles is my pick of the week because of the size of their collection (125 printable puzzles) and the consistent quality of their pictures. The puzzles are all numeric, and organized by categories such as Animals, Flowers, Sports or Toys. The largest puzzle goes up to forty dots, but these are intermingled with the simpler ones, so you'll just have to browse to find what you need. In addition to the free one-at-a-time downloads, Dot to Dot offers a $9 option to download the entire collection all at once.

Extreme Sports Safety Guide
Extreme sports come with a high level of thrill and entertainment, but they also come with a high risk of injury. Height, speed, terrain, weather and tricks all make it easier to get hurt enjoying an extreme sport compared to more traditional sports. Whether you enjoy BMX biking or something a little tamer, such as rollerblading or snowboarding, you must take precautions to make sure you stay safe. This includes choosing the proper equipment and knowing the rules and basics of the sports before you get started. Before you step on a skateboard, strap on rollerblades or hop on a BMX bike, you must prepare yourself for the extreme challenge you are about to face.

Harvard University's Museum of Cultural and Natural History is pleased to announce a new "virtual" exhibition on the traditions of Native American running. This exhibit is shown on-line and not in physical space such as a gallery. The use of computer network technology to present this exhibit, makes it accessible to those who cannot travel to our museum.

Games Kids Play
Looking for kids games? How about rules for playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes, and much more??? You have come to right place!

Hockey Hall of Fame
The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1943 to establish a memorial to those who have developed Canada's great winter sport- ice hockey

Internet Hockey Database
The standings and player statistics for nearly every professional hockey player to play -- ever! You will find information for almost all professional leagues that iced a team -- not just the NHL. And there is a tremendous amount of amateur stats listed as well.
"Because every child deserves a summer at camp!" In addition to camps in all fifty states, lists international camps in dozens of countries (arranged in alphabetic order from Argentina to United Kingdom). Of course the biggest camp categories are Day Camps, Traditional Overnight Camps, and Sports Camps, where you begin by specifying a specific interest, and select a state.

Kids R Crafty: Dot-to-Dot
Kids R Crafty has a nice collection of numeric and alphabetic dot-to-dot puzzles, including both capital and lowercase letters. What I like best about the site is that each puzzle is clearly labeled with the numbers or letters included. And it's the only one of today's sites that includes puzzles for counting by twos, fives or tens. Other preschool activities on the site include printable coloring pages, mazes, shapes, letters and numbers.


Kites date back 3000 years, when the Chinese made them from bamboo and silk. Over the centuries kites have been used in religious ceremonies (in ancient Japan), scientific experiments (such as Ben Franklin's famous kite in the thunderstorm) and for military maneuvers. But today, the kites we like to fly in the spring are just for fun! Here is a look at both the history and the fun of kites.

Kite Builder Plans
Here you will find a selection of links to some of the many excellent kite plans made available on the World Wide Web by generous individuals, kite clubs & businesses.

Kite Safety
Whether you are flying alone or in a busy park, it is good to remember the 3 C's of kite safety: Caution. Courtesy, and Common Sense.

McGruff for Kids
Kids learn how to play it safe! You can play most of the games and activities in this section on your computer, or you can print them out and share them with your friends. And you might even (yuck) learn something along the way! Have fun!

"Summer camps help your child develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests." is my pick of the week because of the excellent interface and their extensive listings. Begin your camp search by perusing any of the thirteen categories, which (in addition to the usual kinds of summer camps) include After-School Programs, Winter and Spring Break Programs, and Study Abroad. Geographic searches can done with a zip code or by clicking on a map region.

NIAC Kids Corner - Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut

Find Things in a Wetu
Find Tribes in the Northeast

Match the Animal with their Tracks

Can you String these 9 beads?
Woven Wampum Maze
Native American or European Foods?

Help the Chipmunk find his Acorn!

Finger Puppets
Crossword Puzzle

OrthoInfo: Skateboarding Safety
Skateboarding is an increasingly popular recreational activity among teenagers-especially young males. Practice skateboarding safely and use protective equipment. It is a fun and healthy sport that can give you a low-impact aerobic workout.

Pete's Family Camping Site
We are a family of 4 that began camping in 1995. My wife and I camp with our two daughters ages 10 and 13. Our camping experiences have been centered around "Family Campgrounds", that usually offer some activities and amenities. We have yet to do any hard-core wilderness camping, perhaps soon now that the girls are getting older. Our camping outings are a mix of camping as we travel and simple weekends away from home, including 1 or 2 mom and dad only outings. We have decided to stay with tenting as opposed to a pop-up or something more closely resembling a house on wheels.

Planet Skateboard
We are the skateboarding group. You might think that skateboarding isn't very big, but it's becoming a popular sport. You have no seatbelt, but here we go! This is Planet Skateboard. What if you can't skateboard? Let's learn how to skateboard. We can also tell you and show you the old and most up to date tricks. Go from easy to the most advanced tricks. So if you've got the spunk, go out and try all of these tricks. You may even be able to go totally airborne and do tricks in the sky. Before you go through this site, remember one thing, kids don't try this at home!

Primary Games, as the name indicates, offers interactive, online games for elementary students.

Print Activities: Number Dot-to-Dot Printables
Nicely organized by theme and labeled with the numbers included, this collection includes one puzzle with more than a hundred dots. Visit for the seasonal and holiday themes (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, and Christmas) and the unusual alphabet puzzles. These alphabet puzzles are numeric dot-to-dots done in the shape of each lower and uppercase letter. For example, lowercase "a" is a 1-20 puzzle, while uppercase "A" is a 1-10 puzzle.

Making games is fun and challenging but making games where kids learn is rewarding. We at are working on bringing the best educational games around.

Runners Log
If you have never been here before, thank you for visiting. You will find this site very useful for logging all your distance activities: running, walking, biking, swimming, hiking, etc. Whatever it is you can log it here and keep track of your progress as well as compare yourself to other people with similar characteristics. Also available are links to other running sites that can help you in other ways.

A Short History of Skateboarding
Skateboarding has a rich history of innovation and is full of intriguing stories. Many of these stories are documented in the book The Concrete Wave in greater detail. However, this essay will provide you with an overview of the last nine decades.

Skateboarding and In-Line Skating
Tens of thousands of individuals, mostly aged fourteen and under, are injured each year either skateboarding or using in-line skates. The majority of skating accidents are knee, forearm, leg and hand fractures. Typically, half of all in-line skating accidents occur within the first month of use. To avoid injury, try adhering to the following safety tips:
Camp listings are divided into eleven categories and are also browseable by state. If you have a list of specific needs (such as a particular sport, activity, or price range) use the search form to drill down into the results. There is also a Camp Tips section that offers suggestions on how to choose a camp and the benefits of summer camping. "As self-esteem develops from learning to be on their own, children continue to try new activities and also engage in one's that they are familiar."

The Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding
Among the slew of sports that people enjoy in winter, snowboarding is one that has made a name for itself ever since it evolved during the second half of the 20th century. Initially, this unique sport came about in a primitive form during the 1920s. Back then, it was limited to males who would use planks ripped from barrels to serve as the board. Simple clotheslines acted as bindings to attach the feet to the board and help with steering. By the sixties, an American engineer named Sherman Poppen devised a simplified skiing system for his young daughter. Since she had trouble controlling actual skis, he made it easier for her by attaching two skis together with a length of rope. This allowed her to have greater control while moving downhill. To Poppen's surprise, word of his simple design, then known as a Snurfer, spread and became quite popular.

Welcome to Toucan Sam(TM).com!
Outrageous jungle adventures with Toucan Sam can be found here

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