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Check out the latest from some of cable's hottest sites:
Animal Planet
The Discovery Channel
The Learning Channel
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Adbusters Media Foundation
We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century.
The mission of ARTSEDGE has always been to help artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum. As we enter a new millennium, we have expanded our mission statement and are happy to share it with you here.
Breaking Down the Walls
Differences are GOOD!

Accepting and understanding other cultures is something that everyone needs to learn. This is especially true since the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. Did you know that some Arab-American kids were treated badly and bullied because they looked like the small number of terrorists behind the attack? That's wrong! Just because you look like someone doesn't mean you'll act like them.
Child Rights Day
Send your request to Secretary General United Nations to declare November 20th as the Child Rights Day.
Close the Book on Hate: 101 Ways to Combat Prejudice
Barnes & Noble and ADL joined forces to create "Close the Book on Hate" after the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999.   You can browse through the anti-hate tips by using the left-hand menu, or download the easy-to-print PDF version  by clicking on the cover image on the right.  Highlights include a glossary and an extensive reading list for further study.  A free print brochure is also available at all Barnes & Noble bookstores.
Communication Skills Writing Program
Students and Professors at Northern Illinois University put together this site as a resource for students, instructors, and tutors in the Writing Skills Lab, but the writing tips presented here are valuable to any student or teacher of writing.
Cyber Citizens
This program strives to educate young people to be good citizens in cyberspace.
Destination Imagination
Destination ImagiNation is ... an international organization for kindergarten through college students and community groups that teaches life skills and expanding imaginations through team-based creative problem solving
Discovery Channel-Canada is Canada's online source for science, nature, technology and adventure
Welcome to EDSITEment
Welcome to EDSITEment, The Best of the Humanities on the Web from the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the National Trust for the Humanities, and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation. This educational partnership brings online humanities resources from some of the world's great museums, libraries, cultural institutions, and universities directly to your classroom.
The Exploratorium
Housed within the walls of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, the Exploratorium is a collage of 650 science, art, and human perception exhibits. The Exploratorium is a leader in the movement to promote the museum as an educational center.
Family Education: Family History Package
Six how-to articles (excerpted from the official Ellis Island Foundation publication "Do People Grow on Family Trees?") and a set of printable forms comprise this family history lesson from Family Education.  The section on conducting family interviews is excellent, with advice such as  "Start with easy, friendly questions."  There is also a printable checklist of interview questions, not found in same section, but rather in Genealogy Forms.  Look in the lower left-hand corner of the home page for the link.,1156,35-10913,00.html

First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts
These crafts, lesson plans, themes and activities are adaptable for ages two to six, and can be used at home, in the classroom, or at day care. First stop is the basic materials list, which includes construction paper, tempura paints, tape, crayons, and the ever important cover-up such as an old t-shirt. The activities themselves are divided into printable activities and themes (such as alphabet, colors, numbers and so on.) Genealogy Classes
For those ready to take the next step in their family research, serves up eighty-five free online lessons to explore at your own pace.  Classes are divided into four sections: Beginning Genealogy, Internet Genealogy, Tracing Immigrant Origins, and Researching with (a guide to their subscription service.) Each illustrated lesson covers a specific topic (such as Pre-1820 Immigration) making it easy to find the information you want if you are looking for specific help.
Handspeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online
HandSpeak is an animated dictionary of sign language. A new sign is added daily.
Introduction to Genealogy: A Free Online Class
The genealogy site at hosts a self-paced four-lesson introduction to genealogy that includes interaction in a discussion forum, homework assignments and online quizzes. In addition to the class, this site has oodles of articles and  reviews of other genealogy sites.  Two great clicks are Genealogy Glossary and U.S. Vital Records (organized by state),  both found in the upper left- hand corner under Essentials.
Kindle Park
For a wonderful journey into the colorful world of family learning, check out Kindle Park! This interactive site offers hours of engaging educational games, stories, and videos for pre-schoolers and their parents or teachers. Even the download wait is entertaining because of a simple game of catch a letter or number.
MarcoPolo: Internet Content for the Classroom
The mission of the MarcoPolo program is to create premier, standards-based Internet Content and provide the requisite professional development to every teacher in the United States, and to maintain the program in a way that allows it to scale throughout the United States and be sustainable over time, so it may enrich teaching and dramatically affect student achievement for generations to come.
National Voice
Critical issues will be decided in the next election: one or two percentage points will impact generations. This is not a time to be discouraged; this is no time to hold back. This is the time for a creative and powerful voter mobilization.

National Voice is bringing in new voters by making democracy work in communities all across our country. Join us in our campaign to reinvigorate the electoral process in every local, state, and national election!
We welcome all groups, so don't sit this one out.
Not in Our Town
"In 1993, hate activities in Billings [Montana] reached a crescendo. KKK fliers were distributed, the Jewish cemetery was desecrated, the home of a Native American family was painted with swastikas, and a brick was thrown through the window of a six-year-old boy who displayed a Menorah for Hanukkah."  Not in Our Town is a PBS film and website that tells the story of how thousands of citizens stood up against the bullies, and declared their town hate-free.  Click on Get Involved to learn how you can bring the Not in Our Town campaign to your town or school.
Page by Page/Creating a Children's Picture Book
From the National Library of Canada, this entertaining site takes the user page-by-page through the creation of a picture book
Partners Against Hate
"An alarming and disproportionately high percentage of both the victims of hate violence and the perpetrators are young people under 18 years of age."  This website offers guidance (in the form of printable manuals) for anyone wanting to combat this terrible trend.  There are separate sections for students (start an anti-bias program at your school), parents, teachers and law enforcement.  To search for answers to commonly asked questions, click on Hate Response Network.

Preschool Express
Noteworthy stops at Jean Warren's Preschool Express include the toddler and preschool activity calendars with a different mini-activity nearly every day of the month. "Draw the first letter of your child's name on paper. Have child glue over it with leaves." "Find cities of distant relatives on a map." "Sing your phone number to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Other highlights are the Music & Rhyme, Skill, Discovery and Inspiration Stations.

Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic is a global children’s publishing and media company in both education and entertainment.
Schwab Learning
Our vision is to help kids with learning differences be successful in learning and life. In order to accomplish this, we'd like to be your guide through the LD journey.
Smithsonian Magazine: Explore Art, Science and History
Hot off the presses! A new online contest, the sights and sounds of wacky musical instruments, one photographer's world of insects, America's obsession with lawns, the comeback of the Great Blue Heron, and much more from this month's Smithsonian!

Story Nory: Free Audio Stories for Kids
Story time is one of my favorite toddler activities, so I was thrilled to discover these wonderful audio stories, all narrated by Natasha Gostwick. Story Nory is an archive of stories old and new, with a brand new recording released every week. These can be listened to on the computer, easily transferred to an iPod, or copied to a CD for listening in the car. The stories are classified as Original, Fairytales, Classics, Educational and Junior (which are the simplest stories specifically for toddlers and ESL students.)

Stories for Kids
Story time is one of my favorite toddler activities, so I was thrilled to discover these wonderful audio stories, all narrated by Natasha Gostwick. Story Nory is an archive of stories old and new, with a brand new recording released every week. These can be listened to on the computer, easily transferred to an iPod, or copied to a CD for listening in the car. The stories are classified as Original, Fairytales, Classics, Educational and Junior (which are the simplest stories specifically for toddlers and ESL students.)

Surf the Net with Kids
Welcome to my vision of what's wonderful on the Web. Welcome parents, kids, teens, grandparents, teachers, librarians and the incurably curious. I am a syndicated newspaper columnist, mother, wife and Net surfer supreme (not listed in order of importance, of course). As seen in millions of newspapers each week, here are my site recommendations for kids and families
ThinkQuest is an educational initiative committed to advancing learning through the use of computer and networking technology. ThinkQuest challenges teachers and students of all ages to use the Internet in innovative and exciting ways as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool.
Web Awareness
This Web site provides parents, teachers and librarians with practical information and hands-on activities to help give kids the "cyber smarts" they need to make wise and safe online decisions.
The Webquest Site
What is Webquest? In this issue of favorites, we list several, find out what they are here:
A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation
Welcome to the BADvertising Institution!
We are pleased to offer assistance to those who seek to diminish the appalling effects of cigarette advertising on unsuspecting children.
Your Vote Matters
Want to make a difference? We'll send you information about voter registration and get out the vote volunteer opportunities in your community.

Ziggity Zoom
Ziggity Zoom is a super fun play environment for kids age two to eight, created by Kristin Pierce Fitch and her mom, illustrator Sharon Pierce McCollough. In addition to the online activities (games, stories and coloring pages), there are plenty of offline activities such as crafts, printables, and fun kid recipes like Mermaid Bananarama. For a quick overview of the site, I suggest stopping by the Parent's Guide, because although kids might like the colorful icons that do not have labels, I found them confusing.

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ABC News for Kids
Find out what's happening around the world, around the country and around the corner.
Children Now!
We work to improve the quality of news and entertainment media both for children and about children's issues.
Get Inside the News
This weekly current events feature will help you understand today's hottest news topics with focus questions and helpful links.
Kids News
Do you have any interesting information about nature, school projects, travel, adventures, difficult challenges, things that fascinate you, things you can teach others? This is also a place for special stories written by kids like you. Let us know what's interesting in your corner of the world...send us your features...
Kids Newsroom provides children with a safe, kid-friendly Internet site loaded with stories, pictures, contests and opportunities for learning. Each week, a new issue is added to the site with the latest news in sports, music & entertainment, health, history, local events and happenings around the world, all designed with kids in mind!
Kid Witness News New Vision Awards
Each year, the "best of the best" videos are honored at the annual Kid Witness News New Vision Awards Ceremony. Videos submitted for the New Vision Awards are reviewed by students from Columbia University's School of the Arts Film Division, and the top three finalists in each category are submitted for a final round of judging by an independent panel of professionals.
The Most Important Events of the Millennium LIFE ranks the top 100 events of the last 1,000 years
National Geographic's News
National Geographic’s Window on the World
Pencil News for Kids
Daily news in a Kid friendly format
Riverdeep Current
Focus here on news from the world of science, math and more.
Time for Kids
Read the news from a kids view
TIME For Kids Daily News
Whether across the globe or right next door, get the news that's important to you.
The Why Files offer in-depth science-behind-the-news explanations on such topics as cloning people, forensic science, dinosaurs, oddball science, global warming, hurricanes, endangered species, Tsunamis, volcanoes, comets, radio telescopes, planets, atomic clocks, scientific hoaxes, sports brainteasers, chess, computer animation, robots, and much, much more.
Yahooligans News
These site is a daily news site from the great Kid website, Yahooligans.
Youth Today Newspaper
Youth Today, The Newspaper on Youth Work is the only independent, nationally distributed newspaper that goes out to more than 70,000 readers in the child and youth services field.
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