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Just For Kids
After School Websites for Kids and Teens
No matter what you like -- science and technology, art, business, politics, community service -- has something to offer you. We checked with kids and teens, and they said that these sites were the best in the government. We've listed the sites by subject matter, so search until you find something that interests you.
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Ask Jeeves for Kids(tm) is the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions. Ask Jeeves for Kids allows you to ask a question in plain English and, after interacting with you to confirm the question, Ask Jeeves for Kids takes you to one and only one web site that answers your question.
Back to School
Once that Charlie Brown theme starts rocking I'm ready to go...and just look at all the links showcased here! Definitely worth your consideration.
Back to School Recipes
This back to school edition contains all kinds of great snack ideas for kids, as well as breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Be sure to see the Kids' Cookbook too!
BLS Career Information
It's never too early to begin thinking about a career. This site is aimed at helping elementary students explore the possibilities. Students click on their area of interest to learn about specific occupations and find information about careers in those fields.
BookHive is a web site designed for children ages birth through twelve, their parents, teachers or anyone interested in reading about children's books. Providing reader's advisory service, this site contains hundreds of recommended book reviews in a variety of reading levels and interest areas.
Brain Event
At, kids can connect with their peers to talk, keep up with the latest news, have their writing and art published, seek the help of experts, read an online novel, and find information about becoming involved in social organizations.
Earthday for Kids
The world is always spinning, but sometimes it seems it's not going in the direction we want. Oh, it keeps going around the sun, of course. But it takes help from people like you to make sure that things stay on track for the environment. Check in here for facts and fun, and help the world clean up its act!
Game Goo
This new Web-based educational game site, by Cognitive Concepts, offers interactive games for practicing early language and literacy skills.
High School Hub
The High School Hub is a noncommercial learning portal to high-quality free online educational resources for high school students. It features interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes. It also includes subject guides for English, foreign languages, math, science, and social studies.
This site content has varied fun learning activities for kids ages 2 to 12 in many areas -- from art to reading to science.
Intelibuzz is a "smart technology" search engine that delivers the "best of the web". Using Intelibuzz ensures you'll enjoy a large assortment of information, resources and web site listings with a "family-safe" rating.
By delivering a comprehensive variety Intelibuzz emerges as a family favorite and the definitive resource of family-safe information available on the Internet Today.
Kids Click
KidsClick! was created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo Catskill Library System, as a logical step in addressing concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites.!
Kid Desk Lite
Protect your downloads and other files from accidental damage by young computer users. Children can launch downloads and other teacher- or parent-approved programs from their own personalized desktops. This is a free download
Kids Hub
Kids Hub is a noncommercial educational portal for upper elementary school and middle school students. It includes free online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes.
This web site is and will remain free to the public and free of advertisements. There is no registration and visitors are not tracked.
Kids Report
The KIDS Report is an annotated library of curriculum-related Internet sites produced by K-12 students as resources for other K-12 students and teachers. It is an ongoing, cooperative effort of classrooms from around the United States. Selection Criteria are used as guidelines for evaluating all potential sites to be included in the KIDS Report.
Literacy Center
This online repository of literacy lessons and supporting parent/teacher material is the only Internet destination where young children can safely interact with age-appropriate educational activities without being exposed to distracting graphics, advertising, or commercial product placement. Children at the Literacy Center can practice pre and early reading skills in a structured format where each new cognitive experience builds upon a previous one.
MY HERO - Home
Discover real live heroes from around the world. Join us as we celebrate the best of humanity. Anyone can be a HERO. Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, students, literary and historical figures.
My Poem
There was a statewide Poetry Contest last month. Entries started pouring in from all over Arizona state. There were total 4,500 entries out of which the selecting committee picked 12 winners for First place for their grade level .
Online Activities for Kids
This is an interactive, entertaining, and educational destination from Syvum Technologies that contains material to practice and build basic skills in English and math.
Super-Kids Search Engine
Super-Kids Search Engine & Kids' guide to the web. Over 4,000 family & educational sites, magazines & games. Over 12,000 schools on the web.
Surf Safely
The purpose of the SURFSAFELY.COM directory is to create a market driven incentive for web developers to voluntarily rate their own content using PICS labels (Platform for Internet Content Selection), and families a single point of reference to find labeled sites allowing them to use PICS filters effectively.

Teach Tomorrow
Teach Tomorrow is a comprehensive site for those thinking about a career in teaching, students looking for a teaching degree program, and teachers who are relocating or looking to continue their education. Our staff is passionate about education, and many of us are former teachers or journalists who write regularly about education topics. No matter where you are in your teaching career journey, we are here to help you succeed.

Welcome to TeenInk, the web version of The 21st Century! This is our 11th year publishing teen writing, art and photos and now online. We have no staff writers, so we depend completely on our teen readers to submit work to us. More than 20,000 students have already been published. There is no charge to submit or to be published.
Translator Alligator
Are you learning to speak Spanish? This is a great site to practice vocabulary words!
Webquest: Paint Mount Rushmore Red
For the indigenous people known as the Sioux Nation, in the 1870's, a defining moment of victory was at the Little Big Horn and the single person was Crazy Horse. The defining humiliating defeat was at Wounded Knee in 1890. 83 years later, in an atmosphere of a growing civil rights movement in the United States, another battle occurred at the same Wounded Knee. The single person who defined that era was the one who paid for his involvement with a life of incarceration in Leavenworth Prison where he is still serving two consecutive life sentences today. His name is Leonard Peltier. A request for Leonard Peltier's pardon lays in wait for President Clinton's approval or denial. Specifically, your quest is to come to a conclusion that answers: Should Leonard Peltier be set free by pardon or new trial?
The Whole World is My Neighbor
The Whole World Is My Neighbor is a collaborative project that seeks to bring about a better understanding of the differences in children's lives around the world.
Youth Noise
YouthNOISE is a group of young people and adults working together to provide info and resources--via the Internet--that will spark youth action and voice. YouthNOISE is an initiative of Save the Children Federation, Inc., which is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization that has been working to improve the lives of the children and youth all over the world for over 65 years.
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